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Commerce technology is a massive opportunity (and retail is not dead)

Commerce technology is a massive opportunity (and retail is not dead) (via Pando Daily) By Ajay Agarwal, February 22, 2013 There has been recent discussion about whether retail is dead. We couldn’t disagree more. We predict that over the next five years consumers will experience completely new retail models that effectively use physical locations combined with world class Internet…

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Lessons Learned from Kiva Systems

This morning, Amazon’s purchase of Kiva Systems for $775 Million officially closed. Mick Mountz, Kiva’s CEO and Founder, and his team did an amazing job of creating, building, and commercializing a revolutionary technology to transform how ecommerce distribution is done.  We, at Bain Capital Ventures, were fortunate to fund Kiva’s first institutional round in late 2004, when the company was […]

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Only the Best

Why Startups Should Recruit Aggressively from College and Why Most of Them Don’t Prior to joining Bain Capital Ventures, I spent 8 years at Trilogy which was founded by Joe Liemandt, a Stanford dropout and brilliant entrepreneur. I first met Joe in 1988 when he and I and a few others worked on a startup (pre-Trilogy) during my sophomore year and his junior year at Stanford. While Trilogy was a very successful company (it scaled to $300M in revenue), most people don’t know much about the company because Joe kept it private and decided to not sell or take it public. However, anyone who was a CS or Engineering Major in college in the mid to late 90s knows Trilogy because of its legendary college recruiting process, dubbed “only the best”. Whether it was the BMW giveaways on campus, the weekends in Vegas or at Joe’s cabin in Deer Valley, or the raucous “sell weekends” on 6th street in Austin, the Trilogy campus recruiting program was nothing short of memorable. Joe was a big believer in only hiring “Kids”. At Trilogy’s peak, we hired more than 300 college kids into a company of less than 1000 people total. Because of the heavy focus on college hiring, the average age of the company was less than 25 years old and we had very few “adults” or experienced hires. The benefits of hiring from college are pretty obvious, but Trilogy took it […]

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