Data-Driven Content Marketing: Announcing the Launch of Captora

Today, one of our most exciting portfolio companies, Captora, publicly announced its Series B funding led by NEA. .

We have had the good fortune of working with the Captora founders since late 2012.   We knew Anindo Mukherjee, Captora’s CTO from his time at Bloomreach and he brings incredible strengths in machine learning and data science. We introduced Anindo to Srihari Kumar, Captora’s head of product who was previously a founder of a marketing automation company, LeadFormix. Srihari brings strong product expertise and domain experience in the marketing automation space. And to round out the team is Paul Albright, Captora’s CEO, who previously was the CRO of Marketo and who has successfully helped a number of successful software companies scale including Informatica and Success Factors.

It’s been incredible to watch the evolution of Captora from their early days working in our Palo Alto office in late 2012 to their Series A funding in spring of 2013 and now year later, having accomplished an array of amazing milestones culminating in today’s launch and their new funding.

The problem Captora is addressing is very simple: how can b2b CMO’s more intelligently manage, create, and optimize their content across channels to increase conversions while improving productivity. Every modern b2b CMO knows that the key to building the “top of funnel” is content marketing. Yet these CMOs don’t have the tools to help them figure out which content to create, where that content should be placed, how well that content is performing, and which content should be retired. As a result, the process today is manual and ad-hoc and ultimately sub-optimal. For most CMOs, content marketing today is not a “machine” that can be managed, scaled, and measured the way other key processes within sales and marketing are managed today.

What makes this problem especially tough is the fact that marketing content is typically unstructured, the volume of content is massive, and this content is incredibly dynamic (based on changes in market, competition, product features, etc).

Captora has created the first data-driven marketing solution to help CMOs 1. Determine where they have content gaps relative to their competitors 2. Quickly and easily create new content to address these gaps. 3. Measure the efficacy and conversion rates of each piece of content and 4. Extend the reach via a range of channels for high performing content. For the Captora customers that use the system, the solution is “magical” and results in more leads, higher conversion rates, and ultimately more revenue.

We are proud to be working with Anindo, Srihari, and Paul and the entire Captora team. Thanks to Captora, content marketing will never be the same!

Categories: MarTech, SaaS

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