Data science and mobility: The trends that will transform the next decade of CRM


Announcing our newest investment in Clari I spent my first eight years in the enterprise software business during the birth of the CRM industry beginning in 1994. Prior to companies like Siebel, Aurum, and Vantive who were all started in this era, “sales force automation” consisted of a CD-ROM used by an individual salesperson to track their contacts and opportunities. […]

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Customer Success Doesn’t Matter


“Customer success doesn’t matter is everything” Back in my role running sales and marketing at Trilogy, I learned one of my first lessons about business: “customer success doesn’t matter.”   While the statement sounds ridiculous, in the world of enterprise software circa 1995, it was actually true.  We could sell a customer tens of millions worth of software and get paid […]

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Big Data meets Marketing Again: This Time in the World of “Offline” CPG


Today InfoScout announced the launch of their company and their analytics dashboard for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) marketers. Bain Capital Ventures, along with Founder Collective and Dunnhumby Ventures, led a $5M Series A funding round in the company. We are thrilled to be partnering with the InfoScout founders, Jared and Jon, along with the entire InfoScout team. We’ve discussed in […]

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Commerce technology is a massive opportunity (and retail is not dead)


Commerce technology is a massive opportunity (and retail is not dead) (via Pando Daily) By Ajay Agarwal, February 22, 2013 There has been recent discussion about whether retail is dead. We couldn’t disagree more. We predict that over the next five years consumers will experience completely new retail models that effectively use physical locations combined with world class Internet…

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